Eyelash Growth Serum 5 pack




Eyelash Growth Serum 5 Pack

Included are:

  • Five 3 ml bottles of Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%
  • free applicator brushes
  • a step-by-step brochure on Careprost application


*The purchase of a back-up bottle is highly recommended as it is difficult to tell when the solution is about to run out. This will ensure that you won’t be without it during re-order.

More information:

This is our favorite bimatoprost product. It is the most studied and well-received product we carry. The results of our customers are consistently successful and without equal. Careprost eye drops were originally designed as a medication to decrease intraocular pressure in patients with intraocular hypertension or glaucoma. The active ingredient of Careprost is bimatoprost, which belongs to a group of medications called prostaglandins. During clinical application it was found that bimatoprost also significantly increases eyelashes growth because it extends the anagen (growth) phase of the eyelashes. Bimatoprost is now sold under many brand names worldwide, including Latisse. They all are used to increase eyelashes growth and make your lashes longer, darker and thicker. There is no difference between Careprost, Latisse and any other solution containing bimatoprost. All of the various brands contain the identical active ingredient—bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%.  Careprost is simply less expensive than Latisse, and we are pleased to extend these savings on to our customers. It is manufactured by Sun Pharma pharmaceuticals.


To achieve desired results simply apply it to the base of your upper eyelashes only. One drop per eye, once daily. Most individuals see noticeable results after the first six weeks, however a full course of application spans sixteen weeks and the best results are achieved after this time. A step-by-step instruction guide will be included with your order for easy application and the best possible results. For additional information on this product, please see our informational page here.


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