Boxtlak BL cream


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Boxtlak BL cream

Included is:

  • one 20 gram tube of Boxtlak BL cream
  • a full-page instructional on product application


More information about the product:

This hard-to-find beauty product is fortified with powerful Palmitoyl Hexapeptide (BoNT-L) a synthetic botulinum peptide, and other key ingredients. Boxtlak-BL can be considered a cutting-edge skincare product. Topically applied in conjunction with other synergistic agents in a liquid crystal formulation designed to penetrate the upper skin layer, BoNT-L will not paralyze facial muscles as Botox injection therapy does, but rather works upon the neurotransmitters found just below the skin’s surface (by mimicking a neurotransmitter) to help relax facial expressions, resulting in a naturally lifted appearance with improvement in wrinkles, lines and facial sagging.

The proprietary ingredients found in Boxtlak cream increase the rate of skin cell turnover as effectively as retinoid therapy without the redness, irritation and flaking frequently associated with retinoids. Centella Asiatica extract has been shown in clinical studies to strengthen capillary walls, leading to improvement or eradication of small broken vessels on the face and nose when used daily. Olive Leaf Extract has antioxidant properties; Allantoin soothes and hydrates thereby improving the skin’s texture; and Alpha Lipoic Acid also protects against free radicals. Boxtlak cream promotes younger, healthier looking skin, with better color, texture and elasticity.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply small quantity to clean dry face daily (avoiding eyelids).

Manufactured by: Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd; Marketed by A. Menarini India Private Limited


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